10 Video Games You Won't Believe Share The Same Universe

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Just Cause/Sleeping Dogs
Square Enix

The longer a video game company operates on the market, the more games and properties it creates. The stories and worlds of their franchises become bigger and bigger, and eventually they might even outgrow their own universe and start blending with another.

That's right, some companies out there enjoy making joint universes for their long-running series. The most classic example of such a practice would be Mario and Donkey Kong sharing the same world and teaming up for some adventures, races, and parties.

However, not every joint universe has to be so apparent. Sometimes, the parallels between the worlds of two different franchises can be more subtle, and only an attentive and curious player will realize that they are actually the same exact universe. The developers can be very sneaky about this and leave just a handful of clues to lead their fanbase to the fact that two of their favorite games take place in the same world.

For this reason, let's try to dive into the strange world of video games that share the same universe and discover some of the craziest concepts in the world of gaming.

10. Donkey Kong And The Rareware Extended Universe

Just Cause/Sleeping Dogs

While Donkey Kong is widely recognized as an official member of the Mario World, some of his fans may be unaware that he also shares his universe with several other franchises!

The Donkey Kong Universe, or the Rareware Universe, is the concept that all of Rareware's iconic characters are actually a part of the same world. This includes, but is not limited to, characters like Banjo and Kazooie, Conker, and, of course, Donkey Kong. While there aren't many moments when these characters share a screen together, the few scenes that do exist do a lot to support the claim that Rareware's joint universe is actually a thing.

One frequently mentioned proof of this is the storyline of Diddy Kong Racing. In the game, Diddy Kong recruits Banjo and Conker to help his crew defeat an evil wizard known as Wizpig. The game outright shows all of Rareware's characters living next to each other.

This is merely the base of the Donkey Kong Universe, however. Over the years, the theory has become really popular amongst Rareware's fans. They began to amass evidence of the joint universe and have even dedicated a whole website to discussing it.


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