10 Video Games You Won't Believe Share The Same Universe

9. Sleeping Dogs And Just Cause

Just Cause/Sleeping Dogs
Square Enix

The worlds of Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause seem like two completely different settings. The two video games clearly don't have much in common, with one aiming to realistically depict a crime-ridden Hong Kong and the other featuring an insane freedom fighter dethroning dictators by sticking people to airplanes and blowing them up mid-flight. And yet, these two games have made a small connection that brings their universes together.

The setting of Just Cause 2, the island of Panau, makes a brief appearance in the world of Sleeping Dogs. One of the commercials on the in-game radio station called Ninja Tune advertises a relaxing holiday retreat to that exact location. The commercial mentions the island of Panau by name and includes compelling descriptions of some of the places that can be visited there: the Panau Falls Casino and the Three Kings Hotel. Both of these locations are actual places that can be visited (and blown up) in Just Cause 2.

This commercial is not the only Just Cause 2 reference in Sleeping Dogs, as there is also Rico's outfit that can be unlocked for Wei Shen. However, it is the one reference that brings these two games together.


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