10 Video Games You'll NEVER 100%

When gaming becomes a full-time job.

Super Meat Boy
Team Meat

As the years go by and games continue to increase in scale, it's becoming borderline impossible for people to 100% everything they start.

Just when you complete one open-world title with hours worth of side quests and an annoying amount of collectibles to gather, along comes another. Oh, and then there's that cool-looking indie you wanted to try, Cyberpunk is nearly here, and soon enough, we'll be playing on a brand-new set of consoles with a brand-new set of games.

More hours in the day, please.

This desire to play more games is further affected by the fact that, eventually, you're bound to stumble across a title that is ridiculously difficult to 100% finish.

Whether it's a time-consuming multiplayer grind or a highly punishing singleplayer slog, some games feel like they're asking you to dedicate every single minute of your free time to mastering them in their entirety, making completion seem like a fairytale dream.

If you managed to 100% any of these games then we salute your superior dedication and skill, but the vast majority of people likely gave up on finishing them in order to preserve their sanity. And honestly... we don't blame them.

10. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Super Meat Boy

Machine Games' immensely enjoyable followup to 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order, The New Colossus represents one of the sharpest inclines in difficulty between an original and a sequel that we've seen in recent years.

Even a gamer with average FPS skills will be able to complete The New Order without too much trouble, but The New Colossus ramped things up to a ridiculous degree by including a permadeath mode that needed to be beaten in order to 100% the game.

Why You'll Never 100% It

The "Mein leben" difficulty (which is also attached to a trophy/achievement of the same name), is the hardest one in the game, with highly aggressive and accurate enemy AI, and a minimal amount of player health. In addition, you only have a single life, no checkpoints, no save feature, and if you die, you have to restart the entire game from scratch. Oh, and certain cutscenes are also unskippable. Great.

Even if you utilise a few of the level skips that the community has found over the last couple of years, it's going to require weeks and weeks of practice and polish, and you'll need to flawlessly refine every single one of your decisions and movements.

If you have a godly amount of patience then by all means give this one a go, but getting booted back to square one every single time you make a mistake is annoying as hell, and for most gamers, the frustration simply won't be worth the reward.


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