10 Video Games You'll NEVER 100%

9. Grand Theft Auto V

Super Meat Boy

Rockstar is known for creating massive open worlds that you can spend years getting lost in, and Grand Theft Auto V is no exception in that regard.

Whether it's a huge singleplayer campaign with 69 main missions, collectibles like the spaceship parts and stunt jumps, a plethora of side activities including golf and hunting, and races - most of which you'll have to do for 100% completion - there's so much meat to this game that it can start to feel overwhelming at times.

Why You'll Never 100% It

Fully completing the game requires such an absurd time investment that most just won't even bother. Even focusing on singleplayer tasks only will cost you well over 100 hours, and then there's the skill required to achieve Gold Medals in all missions, which can prove highly frustrating if you attempt them all.

Then you have to factor in the gargantuan world of GTA Online, which is basically another game in its own right. Reaching Rank 100 is a grind, and winning competitive games against other, real-life users is tricky if you're only a casual player. And we haven't even mentioned heists, which will add dozens and dozens of hours onto your 100% workload.

In addition, players on last-gen consoles can't even get every trophy/achievement, due to one of them - Run Like The Wind - now being unobtainable. Smashing.


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