10 Ways Nintendo Switch Can Absolutely Dominate In 2018

2017 good. 2018 better!

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Nintendo had a stunning 2017. Less than a year and the Switch has already sold 10 million units around the globe: in fact, officially it took just 282 days - or 9 months and 1 week. Depending on where your sales/shipped figures come from, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One took just over a year each to do the same.

This early success will probably come as no surprise to long-time Nintendo observers who know the portable space has long been Nintendo's golden goose and that home consoles since the Nintendo 64 have struggled against stiff competition from Sony and Microsoft.

And so we look to 2018 and wonder what it will bring. Early Nintendo Directs have promised ports of Dark Souls (HOORAY!) and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, plus a plethora of other titles - some ports, some not. It's good to see that Nintendo is keeping its promise that a unified system would bring better and quicker software development but there's more to it than games alone.

The Switch can positively dominate 2018. Here's how.

10. Finalize A Release Date For Metroid Prime 4

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The Metroid Prime series was the shining star of the GameCube's library over fifteen years ago and it's not a stretch to say the idea of Prime 4 after the awful Federation Force has come as a pleasant surprise for long-time Nintendo fans. (The less said about Other M, the better.)

Traditional shooter controls, potential for online multiplayer (which doesn't play like garbage) alongside an epic single-player mode... if Nintendo can get this out in 2018 then it'll cap off one of the most productive periods in the company's history. I'm certain most gamers would snap up a reissue of the Metroid Prime trilogy on Switch, too, sacrificing motion controls from the Wii era, while they wait for Prime 4.

If Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 DX and Super Mario Odyssey made Year 1 the breakout 'Year of the Switch' then Year 2 has to follow that up with Metroid Prime 4 and other heavy-hitters from the Nintendo stable. Smash Bros.? F-Zero? Starfox?


Bryan Langley’s first console was the Super Nintendo and he hasn’t stopped using his opposable thumbs since. He is based in Bristol, UK and is still searchin' for them glory days he never had.