10 Ways Nintendo Switch Can Absolutely Dominate In 2018

9. Nintendo LABO

Nintendo switch icon logo

So there's already been many a joke and meme about Nintendo LABO and its strange homemade cardboard that may well disintegrate with regular use. But it's not hard to be blown away by some of the traditional uses: fishing poles, motorcycle handlebars, giant robot suits... wait, what?!

Seriously, the faux VR experience presented by having players suit up with cardboard armour (which looks frighteningly difficult to make) and battle/destroy the world is the best blend of Transformers and Blast Corps.

But Nintendo are being very clever here by blending the desire for kids to be creative with a trusted brand (Nintendo itself) taking into account context: the whole Minecraft-playing, Raspberry Pi-building generation (a.k.a. digital natives - if you want a buzzword that makes you require mouthwash straight after saying it aloud) are perfect for this.

Arguably it's the same genius that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild contained - Nintendo finally paying attention to the outside world and delivering its own dominant spin on it.


Bryan Langley’s first console was the Super Nintendo and he hasn’t stopped using his opposable thumbs since. He is based in Bristol, UK and is still searchin' for them glory days he never had.