10 Ways Red Dead Redemption 2 Can Build On GTA V's Best Features

From Los Santos to the Wild West.


The first Red Dead Redemption was an incredible title that changed the way we view open-world games. Rockstar managed to craft a captivating world within a vast expanse, populating it with interesting characters and true grit, every step of the way.

This exciting Wild West setting was also fairly new ground as far as video games were concerned, but the team brought it to life, providing some unforgettable moments (that ending...) that have left players begging for more ever since.

Luckily, following a reveal in 2016, we've got one coming in Autumn of this year - but what will Rockstar bring to the table that can expand on an already excellent experience?

In the seven years since the release of Red Dead Redemption, we've had a brand new Grand Theft Auto - which is coincidentally one of the best-selling games of all time - so how will Rockstar learn from their most famous franchise, to ensure that the open-world cowboy game is just as exciting as it was in 2010?

This list aims to pick out the 10 best features in the franchise that could be adapted for the Western shooter.


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