10 Ways Rocksteady Could Make The Perfect Superman Video Game

Justice League tie-ins can pave the way for a shared DC gaming universe.


Rocksteady have gone dark since they dropped the finale to their Batman Arkham trilogy in 2015. With the world of the Caped Cursader almost definitely being handed over to another studio (most likely WB Montreal, who already cut their teeth on the franchise with 2013's Arkham Origins), fans have no idea what the Rocksteady's next game could be.

However, the studio always pepper hints of their upcoming projects within the games they release, hiding a room in Arkham Asylum that outlined the plot of City and including a barge that teased the return of the Scarecrow in Knight.

So, when multiple easter eggs in the developer's latest release teased the existence of Superman in the Arkham-verse, fans began to speculate that the studio's next game might focus on everyone's favourite all-American hero.

But while Superman and video games have historically meshed about as well as Clark Kent's face and a kryptonite fist, if there's anyone who could pull off a great gaming adaptation of the iconic superhero, it's Rocksteady.

They've already accomplished the impossible by creating three genuinely amazing Batman games, and there are many ways to utilise the larger Superman universe to finally give Supes the long-overdue video game outing he deserves.

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