10 Ways Sony Could Ruin The PS5

Is Sony repeating the PS3's mistakes all over again?

Ps5 sony

Sony have been weirdly confident talking about the PS5 so far. While Microsoft's only really revealed that they are indeed working on a next-gen games console and that it'll come out next year, Sony's executives, including the man behind the machine Mark Cerny, have been sitting down with journalists to openly discuss the specs and features that will define the next era of Playstation.

Even better, it all sounds promising. The jump from the PS3 to the PS4 wasn't all that substantial, but from the new tech that's been confirmed for the PS5, including an in-built SSD, an overhauled controller and cutting-edge processors, everything points towards a proper revolution this time around.

Of course, so far all of these details only sound good on paper, and we have no idea how they'll be used in practice. Sony has been in this position before - on top of the world only to come crashing down when their hubris gets the better of them - and there are a couple of mistakes they could make that would ruin the PS5's chances of replicating the success of its predecessor.


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