10 Ways The PS4 Has Systematically Destroyed The Xbox One

Is there any life left?

Ps4 Flawless Victory

I can only imagine the frustration felt if you're a diehard Xbox fan right now. I actually have an Xbox One, but it remains on the shelf gathering dust, as Microsoft continue to fail in providing any adequate reason to switch it on.

Looking forward to the Xbox One X - a console upstaged by its own acronym almost being XBOX - it's very clear thanks to pre-orders that this brand does still mean something. After all, the 360 completely destroyed the PS3 last generation, and it's quite simply eery, just how much the tables have turned.

Where yesteryear, Sony announced an overpriced PS3 with zero system-selling exclusives, Microsoft then did the same. The PS3's lifespan barely had any genuinely system-selling titles outside of MGS 4, The Last of Us and the Uncharted series, and in turn we saw an Xbox One propped by Forza and Killer Instinct as Halo's Master Chief Collection crashed and burned.

Flash-forward a couple of years - coming up on both systems' four year anniversaries, no less - and where Sony have gone from strength to strength (with a few VR-based wobbles), Microsoft are making like that player in an RTS who fortifies their base for the duration. Forever waiting, biding their time for... something.

The only problem with that strategy is when it goes on for too long, the opposition might have already won.

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