10 Ways The PS4 Has Systematically Destroyed The Xbox One

10. A Responsive System Interface That Actually Works

PS4 xmb

The PS4's XMB might get a little chuggy when you're asking it to balance a game with Netflix and a handful of background downloads, but it's nowhere near the bizarrely broken-feeling dash of the Xbox One.

Currently about to be overhauled for what feels like the fifth time since launch, Microsoft have designed a series of menus that besides being unresponsive, laggy and unintuitive, prioritise everything other than your game library. From music apps to TV adverts, movie recommendations to pre-orders, nothing you actually want to see or use is readily available.

The games you own and want to play? They're resigned to a single small green tile off to the side of the dash, with a handful of your recently played titles available if you scroll down. The latest deals, Games with Gold and backwards compatible games for your perusal? That'll be three pages along into the Store, then down into a single text hyperlink that takes you through to a single massive list of everything combined.

Contrast to the PS4, and besides its neat tiled interface immediately showing your library front and centre, the PS Store also exudes a mentality of 'games first', with the likes of movie rentals and music downloads being resigned to the background.

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