10 Ways To Make A Superman Video Game That Won't Suck

It worked for Batman...


It’s no secret that video game adaptations of comic books are a mixed bag. With some exceptions, most games just end up as either entertaining fighting games or pretty generic action/adventure games. One of those characters who often gets the short end of the stick is Superman. 

Many believe that a good Superman game is impossible. The belief is that with his vast array of powers and his invulnerability, there’s no real way to challenge the character without either depowering him or just make a game that’s essentially an always-on god mode.

But where games like the Arkham series succeeded while others have failed is in the way Rocksteady looked at who Batman was as a character and built the games around those aspects. A similar approach was used in Spider-Man 2 and also in The Punisher. It's no surprise that those games make the usual superhero fare look embarrassing by comparison.

The same approach could work for Superman. All that a Superman game needs to succeed is a developer willing to do the work of building a game around the Man Of Steel, rather than dropping him into a jigsaw that doesn't fit him. And if all the Superman references in Arkham Knight were a harbinger of things to come, then maybe Rocksteady will be the ones to do that.


Even with their successes, there are still certain golden rules they must heed to make sure their Superman game doesn't suck...

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