10 Weirdest PS1 & PS2 Games That Wouldn't Get Made Today

Weird then, weirder now.

Asmik Ace Entertainment

We all love a bit of weird and wonderful, don't we?

If we all played the same, bland games, where would be the fun in that? The occasional quirky title, the bizarre game you can't explain to your mates but insist they should try it out anyway.

Like the one that sees a disenfranchised Artic animal want to sing, or the game literally named after a psychedelic drug.

Or the golf game that replaces golf balls with amphibious creatures?

See how weird that sounds...?

That's because, well, they are.

What was once a flutter in the realms of the odd back then would have a much harder time getting out there now. Sure, there are still wacky games that get published, not disputing that.

But the following are a handful of games that were... well, either before their time or just too weird to get made now. Times change, tastes move on and more randomly successful games have knocked the quirky appeal out of the sails of these games.

For these titles, there's a time and a place, and that was a long time ago. Let's look at ten examples that time wouldn't be kind to nowadays.

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