10 Weirdest Things Video Games Asked You To Do

Where's the "lol NOPE" button??

yakuza kiwami 2

Video games are often exciting, transformative, and delightfully unique but they can also be straight up bizarre and that’s the bit we’re most interested in for this list.

Forget the meaningful digital connections you fostered, the endings that had you in pieces, and the mechanics so revolutionary they altered entire genres. This list is really just about when things got weird. Super weird. Chasing a cat through a makeshift sticky trap so you can use its fur to make a moustache to impersonate a man who does not even have a moustache weird.

Love them or hate them, we’ve collected a bunch of entries detailing the strangest things we’ve ever been asked to do in a video game and we’ve got some real doozies.

10: Obtain A Fake Moustache To Impersonate A Man With No Moustache - Gabriel Knight 3

gabriel knight 3

Once referred to as a puzzle so stupid that it was responsible for the death of the point-and-click adventure game genre, we’ve got the infamous cat hair moustache puzzle.

The fact that an adventure game would ask you to do something a little illogical is not a strange concept. Monkey Island 2 asked you to use an actual monkey as a monkey wrench and The Longest Journey needed you to combine a rubber ducky with a clothesline and a clamp to fashion a makeshift fishing pole. That said there is perhaps no puzzle ever conceived with a worse reputation than this one that asks you to do the following.

The overarching goal is that you need to impersonate a man called Detective Mosely to take his motorbike rental.

So, naturally, you make a moustache out of masking tape, scare a cat into running by the tape which will then net you a gross sticky fur ‘stache. Distract the Detective with candy to grab his passport, grab some of his clothes, use maple syrup to stick the moustache monstrosity to your face, and then use a magic marker to add a fake moustache to the passport because the Detective does not have one.

It’s a solution so stupid it’s very entertaining. You simply use a cap to cover up the fact that the guy is bald and you have a glistening blonde mane, but the two fake moustaches cinch it, apparently.


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