10 Worshipped Video Games No One Understands

9. Bayonetta 2

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It goes without saying that nobody on the planet bought Bayonetta for the plot. Because PlatinumGames' hack-and-slash focuses on the most OTT action possible, we would lap it up, even if the narrative had the same complexity as Tetris' story.

And yet, the developers stuffed each instalment with an overly bloated plot, especially Bayonetta 2. In this sequel, our gun-toting heroine teams up with a child called Loki to defeat the evil personification of himself called Loptr, who's the reborn version of the God of Chaos. (If you found that summary confusing, it gets worse.)

During your quest, Bayonetta travels 500 years in the past, where she learns Loptr killed her mother, (which contradicts a big portion of the first game.) Loptr then retrieves the Sovereign Power, which is a.... something... turning himself into a deity.

Bayonetta 2 isn't just gibberish - it's long gibberish. Every now and again, your demon-smashing antics will be interrupted by a cut-scene, detailing everything that's happened... ever. Disruptions like this can be a good way to condense dangling plot-threads. But here, they simply add to the player's confusion.

Also, some of these exposition dumps go on for ten minutes!! If you can't follow what's happening within the first 30 seconds, you'll be totally lost by the end of it.

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