10 Worst Boss Battles In Final Fantasy History - Ranked

9. Guard Scorpion – Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy IX necron
Square Enix

Guard Scorpion is the rather uninspiring boss battle at the beginning of FFVII during the Mako Reactor bombing mission. There isn't much fault in terms of design – the robotic scorpion is hugely memorable, is the first encounter that ramps up the size of the enemy, and helps build the world of Gaia and the city of Midgar.

Unfortunately, because it is the first boss in the game, we haven't had a chance to learn many of the skills or abilities at this point, making for a slow-paced battle of hit and being hit until the boss eventually runs out of health.

What makes the Guard Scorpion stand out from early boss battles from other games is that the English versions had a fatal translation issue. Instead of telling us not to attack when the Scorpion raised it's tail, we were told to do so – resulting in a laser attack that wiped out the little HP we had so early on in the game.

This small error resulted in many players abandoning the game before it had even begun, missing out on one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time until many years later.


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