10 Worst Overwatch Characters - Ranked

Surprisingly, no, it isn't Mei...


Overwatch released nearly a year ago to critical and financial success. It originally shipped with twenty-one characters, and three more have been released since, free of charge. Variety is a fantastic thing, and even if every player in a match picked a unique character, they’d only be using half of the characters currently in the game.

Quantity does not always equal quality though, and a considerable amount of characters have suffered for it. I love almost every character in Overwatch, but sometimes you have to be objective, and if I'm being honest, a few of the characters that we all dearly love are really pretty rubbish.

Today, we’re going to have a look at the ten worst characters in the game. I’ll be going over their backstories and character concepts, their abilities and playstyles, and their designs and skins. A score will be assigned to each category and then they’ll be given a final, overall score.

The game has changed plenty since release, and the addition of new content, buffs and nerfs over the time that the game has been out more than warrants another look at the cast. It’s time for some tough love.

Unfortunately, they can’t all be pro Genjis.

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