10 Worst Overwatch Characters - Ranked

10. Roadhog


Backstory: Roadhog doesn’t have a hugely fleshed out backstory. We know he’s a bad, bad man, who likes to hurt people and cause havoc on a whim. In the game, he seems more comedic if anything, and hardly inspires a feeling of dread. 4/10

Abilities: His hook was easily the best part of his kit, but after nearly a year’s worth of buffs and nerfs, it just feels slow and clunky, and very different from before.

His ult pushes enemies back whilst dealing a moderate amount of damage. It’s fantastic if they’re standing against a ledge, but more often than not, they’re all scattered around an objective. It’s not really much use at all in that scenario. 5/10

Design: Easily the strongest part of Roadhog, he just looks gross. He has a nice variety of skins too, including some fantastic event exclusives. Unfortunately, just looking nice alone isn’t enough to make a great character. 8/10

Score: 5.5/10

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