10 Worst Parts Of 2018's Biggest Video Games

3. It's Completely Tone Deaf - Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Connor

Oh, David Cage, you high school-level drama student, you.

Although Detroit: Become Human is Cage's tightest effort in terms of plot holes and character motivations that make zero sense once the full story has rolled out, the game wants to be everything from Blade Runner to a civil rights educational piece.

Not saying there isn't a way to do this, but with Cage's leaden approach to writing, we get everything from the 1968 raised fist symbol being slapped on a wall as a piece of robot-empowering graffiti, to androids sitting at the back of the bus, to Minority Report-style future tech crime sequences.

Oh, and plenty of rooftop chases, martial arts fighting sequences, messianic, The Matrix-esque "He's the one" revelations and everything in between.

Every interaction between characters feels like a daytime soap opera, but when paired with subject matter that requires respect when handling or going anywhere near, Detroit can jar with itself (and you) at every turn.

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