10 Worst Video Game Adverts Of All Time

What were they thinking???

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We're not going to pretend promoting a video game is easy. Whether the property is awful or awesome, to condense a title's most desirable qualities into a 30-second advertisement is tricky.

As a result, a lot of gaming companies rely on all sorts of eccentric tactics to sell their products. This is why so many gaming commercials are filled with zany imagery, over-the-top performances, non-sensical catchphrases, and a heap of sexual references. It may seem dumb, but this strategy often pays off since the crazy visuals keeps viewers' attention and leave a lasting impression.

Having said that, there are some commercials that just don't work. Who thought it was acceptable to put uncensored swearing in a promo for a children's game? Why are there so many tv spots for a video game... that don't show the game itself? Some adverts display such random and disjointed imagery, you can't tell what it's trying to sell.

When you look at the adverts in this list, you will not be able to understand how anyone in their right mind thought they were good to go.

10. The Ostrich - Final Fantasy IV

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Because of how convoluted the storylines of Final Fantasy can be, you'd assume every title would have a hard time selling itself in commercials. Surprisingly, Squaresoft's biggest franchise always had a knack for filling their adverts with a sense of wonder and awe, even in the earliest games.

So, when Final Fantasy IV was about to hit shelves, the developers knew they had to really make an impression. And since this sequel was filled with magical crystals, airships, secret worlds, and battles with space wizards on the moon, it seemed like there was a ton of content to use for promotions.

Instead, the commercial shows... a laughing ostrich running on a beach.

This tv spot is so absurd, you'd assume Squaresoft would ensure they never promote their work in such a ridiculous manner ever again.

Instead, they released ANOTHER ostrich-related advertisement for FFIV soon after!

The weird thing is that this commercial COULD work if the people behind it tried to dress up this ostrich as a Chocobo - an iconic bird-like character in the role-playing series.

Instead, the studio decided to use with an ostrich - a creature that doesn't even feature in the game!

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