10 Worst Video Game Adverts Of All Time

7. Humping Mouse - Gameboy Micro

Juiced Game

It's bizarre how Nintendo tries to maintain a family-friendly image, despite releasing juvenile and crass commercials. The trailer for Yoshi's Island, which depicts a gamer imploding, is gross. The witch-doctor teaser for Dr Mario is in poor taste. The infamous "You Can't Beat Us" advert for the NES looks like it was designed to create nightmares.

Which brings us to the commercial for the miniaturised Game Boy Advance - the Game Boy Micro. Because this system wasn't as bulky as its predecessor, the advert could've easily demonstrated how convenient the Micro was to hold, carry, and put in the gamer's pocket.

Instead, the clip shows two scientists watching a mouse in a maze humping the Micro. It goes without saying that this 30-second promo was incredibly ill-fitting and immature for a Nintendo property.

But, do you know what the worst part is? It doesn't mean anything! What does a mouse going to town on this tiny device represent? Does the mouse prefer the Micro because it's smaller? Does it like the games? Seriously, I don't get it! Nobody is watching this rodent getting his jollies on Nintendo's latest handheld, and thinking, "Shut up and take my money!" This commercial is so pointlessly unseemly, it feels like it was done just to cause a stir.

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