10 Worst Video Game Adverts Of All Time

8. Mountain - PS2

Juiced Game

With 155 million units sold, the PlayStation 2 is the most successful console of all time - a record it's maintained for over two decades.

However, it's a miracle the PS2 sold so well due to it's bewildering advertising campaign. Although PS2 owners should be well-acquainted with David Lynch's crying doll advert or the Mental Wealth promo, another that deserves more attention (and scrutiny) is the Mountain commercial.

You know what makes games hyped for a new console? Showing the games. The graphics. Telling us it will blow its predecessor out of the water.

You know what doesn't get gamers hyped? A commercial depicting millions of people in Rio de Janeiro performing a mountain-sized pile-up, while Get On Board plays in the background.

At first, you might think this crowd is fighting over the newly released PS2. But no such console appears. In fact, there's no hint what this so-called advert is selling until the last second.

It's also paradoxical how this clip concludes with the tagline, "Fun, anyone?" There are many words to describe how this video presents itself, but "fun" isn't one of them.

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