10 Worst Video Game Bosses Ever

9. Lawrence Barrett - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)

Arkham knight Deathstroke

The Deus Ex series is known for its strategic stealth gameplay in which choice was a key component in the moment-to-moment gameplay. Long-awaited sequel Human Revolution leaned into this core tenant and created what was, mostly, an engaging RPG outing. But there was one enormous flaw that all but ruined the experience: the boss fights.

The problem came when the boss fights were outsourced to another development team so that deadlines could be met. The trouble was these fights eliminated any form of player choice, including how to approach them. They were action-oriented shoot 'em ups, meaning that you were simply out of luck if you were leaning towards a stealthy approach.

These issues were made most evident when it was time to face-off against the first boss, a minigun-wielding bullet sponge named Lawrence Barrett. Even for those equipped for an action-heavy gunfight, his relentless barrage of bullets and grenades made this a difficult fight. Especially for a first boss.

While a Director's Cut fixed the issues with the bosses, it wasn't enough to remove the bad taste from the mouths of those who faced him in his original state.


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