10 Worst Video Game Bosses Ever

6. The Convicts - Dead Rising (2006)

Arkham knight Deathstroke

The Dead Rising series is brimming with bosses (or psychopaths as they’re known in the games) that range from the hilarious, bizarre, and the downright disgusting. Each of these psychopaths vary in difficulty and design. However, one which stands out as being the worst to an infuriatingly unforgivable degree is The Convicts from the first game.

Roaming around the Leisure Park area, these convicts will quickly become the bane of anyone’s existence while playing this game. This boss consists of three prisoners who drive around in a jeep with a mounted machine gun. Upon entering the area, this trio will make it their mission to take protagonist Frank down when they see him, and it never takes long for them to spot you.

They’re fast, hard to hit, and their heavy weaponry can quickly deplete Frank’s health. Worst of all, this threesome would respawn every day at midnight even if they were defeated in what became a cruel design choice.

Venturing through this area therefore becomes a dangerous game of survival where the only options are to fight them each time or run and hope for the best. None of which proved to be ideal choices.


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