10 Worst Video Game Launches EVER

Failing to an impressive degree.

10 Worst Video Game Launches
CD Projekt Red / Sega / Bethesda

First impressions are everything. You only get one shot (one opportunity) to come out the gates and swing for the fences. Stumbling at the first hurdle can almost mean certain doom for most, especially in the hyper-competitive video game industry.

A medium that's always moving, games, publishers and developers can rarely afford to not make a massive splash at launch. Only on a rare occasion does a No Man’s Sky fail so hard and miss the mark, to only make a shocking return just a few months or even years later.

Sure there are the likes of a Rainbow Six Siege that also managed to turn things around down the line, but for every one of these success stories, there are plenty that fail to break the charts.

With this list, it goes to show that not all press is good press. And we won't just be focusing on how broken a game is, but rather exploring the wide variety of how terrible some games can be at launch.


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