10 Worst Video Game Launches EVER

10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Master chief collection

Halo was force to be reckoned with on Xbox. Combat Evolved was pretty much the sole reason to pick up Microsoft's machine at launch, and will go down as one of the greatest launch titles of all time, but with the dawn of a new generation, Halo rarely managed to maintain that momentum.

Now, this was thanks to a changing of the guard as Bungie went off to search for "wizards on the moon", but a substantial reason for this was the initial failure of The Master Chief Collection.

Somehow, 343 Industries messed up Halo.

Yes, this cornerstone of not only Microsoft, but massive triple blockbuster gaming launched in a complete mess, with it resembling a dumpster fire for a long time after launch.

Numerous technical issues plagued this collection, and it was so bad, Microsoft had to issue an apology, as well as giving Halo ODST away for free. Matchmaking made it impossible for some to get into games and it would take four years for these issues to be ironed out.

To this day players are still finding issues with this collection, but thankfully, it mostly works.

... Mostly.


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