10 Worst Video Game ''Limited Editions''

What Culture runs down the ten worst limited/special/collectors editions that gamers have wasted their money on...

10. Skyrim Collectors Edition £129.99. Price now £50 - £75

Apart from the standard copy, this was the only other edition of Skyrim released by Bethesda. It came with the usual making of DVD and art book but it was the statue of Alduin The Dragon that was its primary selling point. Almost 30cm tall, it was an exquisitely detailed statue, modeled from the in-game 3D digital files. Where the statue itself felt like a high quality product, it was unfortunate that it sat on a tacky plastic base. And unless you are a collector of fantasy dragon ornaments, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the £90 premium? The correct answer is no! The game came out November 2011 and you can already pick up a complete collectors edition for as low as £50 on eBay, less than half it's original price.

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