10 Worst Video Games Of 2018

The Quiet Man was just... WOW.

Square Enix

As many great games as have been released in 2018, what would the masterpieces be without the dumpster fires to distinguish them?

While there's a greater incentive to steer clear of terrible games than, say, awful movies given the greater cost and time investment, sometimes curiosity wins out regardless and you find yourself burned for ignoring those not-so-hot reviews.

But of course, that's what rentals and Steam refunds are made for. When it comes to Sony and Nintendo, though, good luck getting your money back.

Nevertheless, of the dozens of games we've pored over and play-tested throughout 2018, these are the 10 that left us feeling resigned, depressed, infuriated and exasperated.

From wildly disappointing new VR titles to a stunning AAA disaster nobody saw coming, so-bad-it's-good games you have to see to believe and everything in-between, gaming didn't get any worse than this over the last 12 months.


Above all else, these 10 duds are a potent reminder of just how tough it is to make even a basically entertaining, well-crafted game...

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