10 Worst Video Games Of 2018

10. The Inpatient

The Inpatient
Supermassive Games

Though 2018 was overall a pretty damn solid year for PSVR with the release of quality titles such as Moss, Sprint Vector, Firewall Zero Hour, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Beat Saber, it sure got off to a rocky start.

The Inpatient was hyped up as the next big horror hit from Until Dawn: Rush of Blood developers Supermassive Games, so what a disappointment it was that the end product was so shockingly devoid of atmosphere.

Despite its strong visuals and sound design, The Inpatient never rose above mildly creepy due to the nothing story, forgettable characters and molasses-slow, consequence-free gameplay with only a few late-game fail states.

Following the nerve-shattering rollercoaster ride that was Rush of Blood, The Inpatient's two-hour experience was intensely underwhelming in almost every way.

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