10 Worst Video Games Of 2023

9. Quantum Error

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Quantum Error should be praised for trying some relatively new things and, unlike a lot of games on the system, it does try to use the PS5's DualSense controller in interesting ways.

Playing as a firefighter on board a futuristic space station, you'll need pay attention to the haptic feedback coming off a door to see if opening it would cause a backdraft. There's a moment where you use the microphone of the controller to perform CPR.

Unfortunately, these sound more interesting than they are enjoyable to perform. The game suffers with the standard sci-fi issue of repeating steel corridors and, coupled with unclear maps and very few chances to save, it can make navigating a chore.

Enemies don't present a huge threat as their AI either defaults to just running at you or standing around oblivious, not taking cover. That said, the biggest enemy standing in your way is performance issues, soft locks and crashes that will halt and greatly reset your progress.

Despite some of its more unique additions to the formula, releasing in a year that is this stacked for horror (and in the shadow of the Dead Space remake, which this game so clearly apes), Quantum Error threw itself out of the airlock.

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