10 Worst Video Games Of 2023

8. Everybody 1-2-Switch

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If asked about the line-up of Nintendo Switch launch games, almost everybody would probably say Breath of the Wild and then spend some time racking their brains trying to remember any others. Another first-party developed title was 1-2-Switch - a spiritual successor of sorts to the likes of Wii Play and Nintendo Land - designed to be a good demonstration of the console's gimmicks. You've forgotten about it because it wasn't very interesting.

However, even though it's less than six months old its sequel is just as forgettable. In fact, it can be assumed that Nintendo felt obligated to release Everybody 1-2-Switch after reportedly producing physical cases and then discovering it had tested poorly. After some tweaking, it launched to almost no response at all.

The Jackbox Party Pack inspired integration of mobile phones to grow the number of potential players was a good concept but Everybody 1-2-Switch is kind of worthless without a large group. Also, the minigames it features are painfully simple - relay races, bingo and the kind of stuff that should comprise a greater whole, like Mario Party minigames - but without that greater whole.

Releasing late into the life-span of the console, and in a year with new entries in some of Nintendo's biggest franchises, Everybody 1-2-Switch was not a smouldering wreck, just utterly pointless.

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