10 Worst Video Games Of The Last Decade

The video games that made us throw our controllers and turn off the TV.

Rambo the Video Game

To call the 2010s a good year for gaming feels like a gross understatement.

Rockstar showed that they were the Kings of detail with the two modern masterpieces GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II, the latter of which had one of the finest stories in modern gaming. E

pic RPG landscapes were created for us to marvel at with the likes of Skyrim and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Even generic shooters had a dramatic comeback with the pioneering of battle royale games such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

However, for every Naughty Dog, Rockstar and Epic Games' success, there were countless failures.

It seems the last decade, more than ever, has been littered with cheap knockoffs, poorly made cash grabs and repetitive gameplay that made gamers clamour to the likes of Steam for refunds. An especially dishonourable mention to pretty much all EA Sports series, as over the last decade the greedy corporation abandoned its dedication to well-tuned, exhilarating gameplay in exchange for the terror that is Ultimate Team; a transparent attempt to hoist microtransactions at young audiences.

Rant over (maybe), what were the worst games of the last 10 years?

Minor spoilers ahead.

10. Game Of Thrones

Rambo the Video Game

For such a large franchise that until the finale was a cornerstone of 21st century pop culture, the Game of Thrones series really let its fans down when they allowed the aptly-named Cyanide produce an action RPG in 2012.

Eventually, the series would recover in the gaming world with Telltale Games, at the height of their popularity in 2014, when they turned Game of Thrones into an episodic adventure complete with new and recurring characters alike. However, Cyanide's cash cow was far removed from the level of detail that was to come.

With graphics that made the Playstation 2 look sleek and cutting edge, the game immediately got off to the worst start. Combined with a boring, increasingly repetitive turn-based combat system that made you feel less like a Knight of Westeros or a Brother of the Watch with each dull click, Game of Thrones left fans of the book and the show lamenting at what could have been with more competent and action-packed design and more interesting characters.

The adequate plot which added a small amount of lore keeps this game from reaching the upper echelons of this list, but it's still one to avoid all the same. Give me a Stark's fate over this game any day.


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