10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Games

The Last of Us' death animations were BRUTAL.

Last Of Us Joel Bloater


It comes for us all at some point, and in games, it's usually waiting around every corner for that one little slipup that costs you your life.

Even cute little games like Mario and Sonic still feature deaths, and death and games in general go hand-in-hand.

That said, not all videogame deaths are created equal. There are many, many, creative ways to die in games, but there are some that completely stand out from the pack of the rest as truly some of the worst possible ways you could die in a game.

In celebration of these, we're looking at 10 of the most terrible ways its possible to die in a videogame. Whether it's from its sheer brutality, ridiculousness or just something highly irritating, these deaths will make you feel all kinds of emotions ranging from utter horror to extreme levels of frustration.

10. Injecting Yourself In The Brain Through The Eye - Dead Space 2

Last Of Us Joel Bloater
Visceral Games

Issac Clarke in Dead Space 2 is not having a good day. Not only has he been experimented on pretty relentlessly for ages after being traumatised by the first Necromorph outbreak on the Ishimura, but he's now having to once again fight off the hideous, multi-limbed creatures while also battling with his own fractured mind.

Towards the end of Dead Space 2, one of the most grim scenes in gaming history takes place. Issac must inject himself directly into his eye using a machine to extract information from the Marker, Dead Space 2's resident maguffin that makes Necromorphs.

The whole scene is absolutely cringe-worthy stuff. You have to slowly descend the needle towards Issac's waiting eyeball as it darts to and fro in terror, slowly making sure you get it in the exact centre.

If you don't...well, the results ain't pretty.

The needle will completely pierce Issac's eye, bore deep into his brain and cause the whole of his face to be presented as a hideous, minced bloody mess.

It's really not a good way to die at all.


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