10 Worst Weapons In Horror Video Games

Don't mess with a man and his weaponised sausages.

dead rising sausage

Generally, horror games opt for one of two extremes.

Many will cast the player as a defenceless, desperate, woefully-inept-in-a-fight protagonist relying on stealth to survive. Just as many will instead arm the player with a huge, absurd array of weaponry, unleashing all manner of grisly enemies from the depths of Hades’ u-bend upon them.

The Resident Evil series has done both several times. All of this makes weapons wielded by the player in horror titles a real mixed bag. Some of them are pitiful melee tools that are only to be used in dire emergencies, while others will effortlessly eviscerate hordes of oncoming foes.

Often, it just depends whether a game is putting the survival in survival horror or the grim, grisly, gory rampage in… horror.

At the same time, though, it would be easy to deem a weak weapon a bad one, but there’s much more to the equation than that. Here are some of the most impractical, feeble and silliest weapons players of horror games have ever had the misfortune to wield.

10. Resident Evil 4 - Eggs

dead rising sausage

Leon S. Kennedy can become a true one-man army in Resident Evil 4, getting his hands on everything from a rocket launcher to the wacky timed explosives of the Mine Thrower.

His humble handgun and knife can also be devastating, thanks to the melee attack prompts that were introduced here. Eggs, however, do precious little good at all from an attacking standpoint.

The primary function of eggs is to serve as a backup form of healing. The Chicken Egg, Brown Chicken Egg and Gold Chicken Egg restore different amounts of health to Leon, with the latter offering a valuable full heal. As well as eating them, though, the player can also equip them, then proceed to throw them at enemies.

It’s a funny novelty move, but it’s a terrible idea for a number of reasons. Not only can this be an awful waste of resources, but they’re a huge pain to aim with. Even if you do hit, you’ll only get a brief stun on a single foe for your troubles.

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