10 Worst Xbox One Games With Gold Releases So Far

While these games may have been given away for free, they still left gamers feeling ripped off.

Microsoft has been offering its Games with Gold program for just over two and a half years now. As it stands, members get two free games a month on both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, but of course that's not how it always was. It wasn't until a full year after initiation that the program was brought to the Xbox One and a full year after that that two games a month were offered on the One. At this point in time members have been offered over 100 games with the Games with Gold program. With over 100 games having been offered, of course there's going to be some duds, and unfortunately for Microsoft, the duds dramatically outweigh the gems. Over the period, gamers have complained about the games they've been receiving and questioning if the Games with Gold program is even worth it. The argument could be made as to the program just being an added incentive as your Gold subscription covers the ability to use party chats, play multiplayer games and so on. However, with the evolution of the Gold subscription on Xbox Live, it has come to include things such as Deals with Gold on a weekly basis as well as the Games with Gold program. Without the subscription, those two features are gated away. So yes the Games with Gold feature is something we as Xbox users pay for, albeit the value we get back overshadows the price we pay by a large margin. While it seems obnoxious to complain over "free" games, most members just want games that can be considered fun, have good story or good gameplay. Members aren't expecting to get a six month old AAA title, but a little bang for our buck could be a nice change of pace. That's not to say we haven't received exceptional titles with the program, because we most certainly have, they are just so rare and buried under the bad games it's often forgotten. As a matter of fact it was a damn challenge in itself to narrow it down to only 10 games that were bad inclusions in the program. But here's the 10 games that genuinely made Xbox users question if Games with Gold was even worth it.


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