10 WTF Video Game Moments That Broke The Fourth Wall

90s Triple H was a real dick.

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Video games are all about immersion. From drawing you in with wonderful aesthetics to gritty and tense narratives, to 'too good to put down' gameplay, the industry approaches the idea of keeping you locked to your screens in so many brilliant (and quite scary when you think about it) ways.

And even though we're tackling electronic dinosaurs in Horizon: Zero Dawn or evading the ever-encroaching grip of zombies in the latest Resident Evil games, we suspend our disbelief enough to treat these situations as real enough to emotionally invest in.

So imagine our surprise when the avatar we're playing as completely smashes the fourth wall and addresses us, the player, like they were aware of our presence the entire time. It can be scary, hilarious, and downright weird at times but one things for sure, they were definitely memorable.

And to make this list memorable I've challenged myself to look for examples outside of the obvious so no Pyscho Mantis, no Stanley Parable and no Scarecrow Scenes from Batman. And yes I was talking to you. Chris.


Note: Article adapted from one of our videos, which you can watch over here!

10. SCP - Containment Breach - Stop Hiding!

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If you've ever played SCP - Containment Breach then you know that your life is going to be shortened considerably thanks to this game, as from start to finish it's one heart attack inducing moment to another. And as such you'd be forgiven for wanting to pause the game in order to catch your breath or change your trousers.

And yes I know that the alien looks like a baked potato brought to life by the magic of a five year olds dreams, but trust me when this thing appears from out of nowhere you will scream loudly and you will die quickly.

However if you try to pause the game multiple times you might find that, you simply can't and the game will display a message stating "Stop Hiding". It's horrifying enough to have to deal with all of these monstrosities but to now have the devs laughing at you for trying to calm your nerves? Rough deal.

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