10 Zelda Items That Are Immediately Made Pointless After You Get Them

10. Bow - Spirit Tracks


The bow is a staple in Legend of Zelda, being available in every single game in the series. However, in Spirit Tracks, this item is useless after obtaining it.

You receive the bow in the Fire Temple, the fourth temple in the game, before receiving the Bow of Light in literally the next temple. The Sand Temple forces you to use the Bow of Light to activate certain switches, and ultimately defeat the boss at the end of the temple.

Why then did we receive a lesser version of the bow in the previous temple? It makes almost no sense to include the same item twice in the game, let alone in back to back temples.

Normally the bow will get certain ammunition to make it do different things, like in the case of Ocarina of Time where you can obtain fire, ice, and light arrows. However, to create a completely different bow that does the same thing, only better, makes the original bow completely useless after the Fire Temple.

Quantity is not always better than quality, clearly shown in Spirit Tracks.


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