10 Zelda Items That Are Immediately Made Pointless After You Get Them

9. Clawshot - Twilight Princess


Another item that tends to be used in a few Legend of Zelda games is the Clawshot. In Twilight Princess however, this item feels completely useless once you obtain the upgraded double Clawshot.

You end up obtaining this item in the Lakebed Temple, and then you have to proceed through four other temples before getting the second Clawshot.

In Skyward Sword they recycled this idea, but gave you the double Clawshot right off the bat when you receive it the first time. This adds far more interesting puzzles and platforming mechanics to a game than a single Clawshot will, creating a more entertaining playthrough.

However, by waiting so long in the game to give us the double Clawshot, you simply make the first portion of the game with the regular version seem trivial. It seems like a strange mechanic to try and implement this late in the game, only really being used throughout that temple before going back to being used once in the main world.

While overall an interesting idea, the double Clawshot really is not a useful item simply because of the time it is given.


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