11 Best Star Wars Video Games

The feel of a Lightsaber's hum, the impact of a force push - who got it just right?

It's rare that a film-to-video game transition actually ends up being given better treatment in its latter form - but thanks to how incredibly divisive and looked down-upon Star Wars' prequel trilogy will always be, in contrast the games turned out surprisingly solid.

Custom-built to be the world-enslaving franchise it's now regarded as thanks to The Force Awakens setting things right, there's something so quintessentially alluring about things like that blaster sound the pistols make, or the varying limitations on what it means to become 'one with the Force'. Or even just the low hum of a lightsaber - the wielding of which exudes those indistinguishable "Zzunn" noises we all know and love.

Presumably down to the majority of development being done by LucasArts on a great many of them, production budgets have remained pretty high throughout. And there's a few standout titles given the occasional look-in from George 'frog-throat' Lucas himself that have enamoured themselves into many of our collective consciousness' growing up.

Lucas may have always wanted to create a franchise that would give a million potential story ideas to an increasingly younger audience, but it's those people who fell in love with his original trilogy that would grow up to craft some of the greatest accompanying video games too.

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