11 Biggest Video Game Plot Holes You Can’t Explain

1. Final Fantasy VII - Why Not Use A Phoenix Down On Aeris?

Aeris Death

One of the most famous video game plot holes in the history of the medium - partly down to it tying in with one of the most devastating deaths in gaming overall.

Now, it must be said in the face of the many, MANY forum threads or commentaries around FF VII bringing up this point - that Phoenix Downs are intended to bring people back from a knocked out state in battle and not death - there are however, two things: 1. There's Revive materia out there, and the first thing a dictionary definition of the word will throw back at you is to "restore life or consciousness" to any given thing, and 2.

Between the image in the instruction booklet for the game of Aeris standing near the Highwind (that's not in the final game) and their being a spot in the final area against Sephiroth where she could've stood, plenty more fans have come to the conclusion that she wasn't supposed to die in the first place.

Either through a Phoenix Down, Revive materia or some other FF VII-type nonsense (the planet's lifestream could've healed her, surely?) you can easily say that not only is Aeris' death a bit suspect, but it wasn't supposed to happen at all.

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