11 Fascinating Gaming Moments That Almost Happened

Elder Scrolls was almost something completely different.

Skyrim game

Although the gaming industry today is arguably the biggest entertainment industry going, to say that everything about it is straightforward would just be wrong.

Video game development is fraught with plenty of issues, with studios going under what feels like every other day, and with cancellations rife. That’s without even mentioning just how much a given project can change over the course of development, with it sometimes even being the case that the finished product resembles nothing like the original concept.

Where are we going with this? Well the point is that it’s always fun to deal with hypotheticals - the "What if?" moments of a given medium - and gaming is no different. It’s big business, and a lot can rest on just a single decision.

It’s not just single titles either. Some choices have influenced entire franchises and have even altered the market landscape itself, whether that be something based on a given character’s look and aesthetic, or in how we consume video games themselves.

Spanning decades, franchises, companies and consoles, here are the "What if?" moments that should give every fan pause for thought.

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