11 Gaming Industry Quotes That Aged Horribly

"It just works!!" *game explodes*

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If you're a regular follower of the gaming industry, chances are high you've heard someone say something outlandishly stupid about video games themselves.

Whether it is some kind of weird televangelist claiming that Pokémon are digital devils, or a politician claiming violent games are the direct cause of real world violence, most gamers chalk these statements up to people not knowing what they are talking about, or simply ignore them.

But if you pay attention to the various pieces of gaming news, you'll realise even some of the most experienced developers and high ranking executives in the gaming industry have said things that have aged so badly, they leave you facepalming in complete disbelief.

Some of these quotes even went on to make history and affect the entire gaming industry.

So, in honour of the many dreadful takes that have aged like milk, this list will feature some of the worst quotes from those working in gaming, ranking them based on how bad the quotes themselves are, the context in which they were said and how badly they have aged.

11. "The Single-Player Game Model Is Finished"

cyberpunk 2077

There are some things that can happen in the world of gaming that no one can see coming. From the incredible rise and success of indie games such as Fall Guys and Among Us, to the insane fall from grace of once beloved developers like Bioware. But that does not stop people from trying to predict what will be the next big innovation or change to come to the gaming industry.

But while some predictions have come true, Frank Gibeau’s prediction about the future of single-player games did not.

Way back in 2010, EA Games President Gibeau was asked by MCV/Develop about EA’s plans for the future of their games. He responded by saying that EA were wanting to move towards co-operative, multiplayer or online services as opposed to making a more traditional single-player experience. He added that he believed that such a model of game development is finished.

11 years later, single-player games are among some of the best selling games in the entire industry. What also makes this quote age badly is that as a result of the horrendous failure of Anthem, an online multiplayer, EA are now reconsidering their entire approach to the games-as-a-service model.


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