11 Greatest RPGs Of The 2000s

11. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

When branching-narrative maestros and kings of dialogue-driven RPGs BioWare got to work on a game set in the Star Wars universe, it was a match made in heaven. It was the developer's first foray beyond high-fantasy RPGs, and there was no better way to do it than by setting it in a galaxy far, far away. The combat mechanics in KOTOR evolved the complex AD&D systems of the Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights series, making them more accessible and less obviously 'D&Dish' - helping attract a wider audience of gamers. The dialogue and story were also phenomenal; the game managed steer clear of becoming a cheesy bit of Star Wars fan service, and actually offered up a unique and intriguing plot set in the Star Wars universe, but which could easily engage non-Star Wars fans, too. This was one of the first ever games in which your party companions had unique, well-developed personalities and would randomly engage each other in conversations, letting you respond in whatever way you deemed appropriate. Romance options were also introduced, and while you couldn't watch your heroes doing the dirty, this system would eventually inspire the all-out sextravaganzas of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and The Witcher.
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