11 Reasons Lost Legacy Is Better Than Uncharted 4

It's the best Uncharted since 2.

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Don't let its 'once-DLC-and-now-a-full-product' status fool you - Uncharted: Lost Legacy is one hell of a game. Confidently making strides into showing how the franchise can exist without Nathan Drake, rolling together past instalments' gameplay innovations and having hands-down the finest action set-piece Naughty Dog have ever devised - truly, it's shocking how they've turned this around in just over a year.

Playing as fan-favourite Chloe Frazer - who sat A Thief's End out, despite featuring in Uncharted 2 and 3 - alongside Uncharted 4's Nadine Ross, the pair are united despite their differences to hunt down the fabled tusk of Ganesh. That's the basics, but from there we've got a supremely confident Naughty Dog playing with the conventions of Uncharted as a franchise, throwing in references to how Drake operates, making jokes as to how many times they've fell back on things like "push a crate here to proceed", and ostensibly, showing there's a life to the series after Uncharted 4.

Speaking of which, though it initially felt incredibly unnecessary before launch, A Thief's End landed very well indeed, telling a mature tale about what it means to 'grow up and settle down', pared off against a character like Drake yearning to rekindle his youth. And where A Thief's End is still as solid as they come, Lost Legacy refines the 'Uncharted formula' into one of the tightest packages yet, actually coming out on top once you start comparing the specifics.

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