11 Reasons Lost Legacy Is Better Than Uncharted 4

11. It Doesn't Overstay Its Welcome

Uncharted Lost Legacy
Naughty Dog

If there's one overbearing problem with Uncharted 4, it's the pace.

Clocking in at around 20 hours (or more, depending on how much secret treasure-hunting you did), there's one key beat towards the end where Elena returns, only for what feels like a reset button to get pushed, as all the buildup to stopping Rafe and his army is sidelined. Thematically it's to facilitate Nate realising that adventuring with his spouse is just as fun as his brother or Sully - and also serves as a callback to Uncharted 1 when the pair first started getting together - yet structurally it makes the whole thing feel protracted.

This is also the case with scenes like when Nate and Sam first break out the Saint Francis' Boy's Home orphanage - a sequence that goes on far too long - or the "dark third act beginning" where Drake finds himself washed ashore.

Contrasted to Lost Legacy, its reduced runtime to around 6-8 hours means every plot beat lands like a supremely well-told action movie. You've got Chloe and Nadine already on their mission - with motivations and character being filled in through travel dialogue or the occasional chat - the introduction of a villain who slots in nicely as an antagonist, and a steady escalation in stakes until one final set-piece tops it all off.

You can do the whole thing in one sitting (I did) and it lands perfectly - far away from the "It just keeps going" feel of Uncharted 4.

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