11 Shameful Video Game Achievements You Don’t Want To Share

5. Puking Rally - Dead Rising 2: Off The Record


The Dead Rising series thrives on ridiculous ways to kill zombies, but, to be quite honest, we're embarrassed for the poor zombie who died once only to be properly killed by the vomit of an investigative news reporter.

We can't blame Frank West for hitting the bottle though. After living through one zombie apocalypse, killing thousands of zombies and psychopaths along the way, he's bound to be a little screwed up when a second zombie apocalypse shows up not long after!

If you're getting really fed up of all the killing in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, why not stop off at one of the bars of Fortune City and have yourself a drink or ten? Just be careful - Frank can't handle his liquor and if he consumes too much, he'll start being sick everywhere.

If you do this near a zombie, there's a strong chance one of them might slip on the vomit, smash their head into the ground, and die. If that happens, you'll get the achievement Puking Rally.

Thanks, Dead Rising 2. We think?

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