11 Terrible Video Game Collectibles That Were A Waste Of Time

Atrocious trophies that weren't worth the hunt.

AC Feather

As every new year delivers another tantalising release calendar (bar this-year-that-shall-not-be-named), players prepare themselves for the hours they'll spend exploring every nook and cranny of these new titles. There's always more content, more missions, and more story to sink our teeth into as a standard AAA game's completion time stretches into days.

Of course, we should be thrilled that we're getting an ample amount of play-time for our hard-earned cash, but not when developers bloat their creations with tedious challenges, usually through that all-too-familiar route of collectibles.

Collectibles get a bad rep, but done right they are an integral part of the gameplay. Koroks in Breath of the Wild helped upgrade weapon slots and got you paying attention to your surroundings, while documents from Control, Spec Ops: The Line, and The Last of Us provided an intriguing insight into the lore of those worlds.

But alas, there are those collectibles that do are responsible for their bad street-cred - the ones that take hours to gather, are not worth the reward, or are even impossible to collect fully. These are the truly terrifying tokens that aren't worth the time or effort.

11. Nuclear Waste - GTA V

AC Feather

Many booting up GTA V cannot wait to cause mayhem by racking up a wanted level and conducting some high-stake heists. Bobbing along in a slow, clunky yellow submarine is not exactly the high-octane gameplay you signed up for.

Around San Andreas, the player can find 30 nuclear waste drum cans on the seabed. The only way to collect them and obtain the 'Waste Management' achievement is to make like The Beatles and buy yourself a yellow submarine.

There's no real challenge to this achievement, as the Trackify app will tell you exactly where each barrel is, and while you can make $690,000 profit, there are far more effective and more exciting ways to make some dollar.

According to the official wiki, collecting all 30 of these barrels will take you around two hours. Bear in mind that this estimate is for one sitting, doing nothing but following a red blip on the screen.

GTA is notorious for some pretty tedious collectibles (dare I mention GTA IV's pigeons?), but after a few minutes of mindless tracking, exiting the submarine to embrace a watery death sounds like a rather attractive option.


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