11 Times Final Fantasy Pissed Off The Fans

10. Churning Out Mediocre Mobile Games

final fantasy 7 remake intergrade yuffie
Square Enix

Contrary to popular belief, there are genuinely decent Final Fantasy games available on iOS and Android. While playing Final Fantasy Dimensions I + II, War of the Lions, or Record Keeper, it feels like the developers put a lot of effort into the gameplay, and really care about the brand.

Sadly, good FF titles on mobile devices are far and between. Because of shoddy ports, buggy remasters, and titles like Final Fantasy VII Snowboard (yes, that's a real game), you can see why fans are wary while looking at FF titles on the App Store.

Depressingly, this issue exists purely out of greed. If the developers focused on a couple of mobile games, they could ensure each of them were top calibre and deserving of the Final Fantasy name.

Instead, the company churns out all sorts of garbage, and slaps their IP on it, assuming consumers will purchase it out of loyalty. Square Enix needs to learn that many fans are not as blinded by nostalgia as they once were, and will avoid these mediocre mobile titles until the company starts focusing on quality over quantity.


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