11 Times Final Fantasy Pissed Off The Fans

9. Final Fantasy VII Remake's Whispers

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No matter how perfect Final Fantasy VII Remake turned out, it was impossible for it to recapture what gamers felt when they played the original.

No matter how sharp the graphics are, or how much extra content was added, nothing could hit fans with the same impact than the first time we learned the truth about Cloud, watched Sephiroth murder Aerith, or heard the epic One Winged Angel music.

And you know what? That's okay. If the story plays out the same as before, it should still be a top-notch game, while scratching that nostalgic itch.

But to put on a different spin on Final Fantasy's most memorable entry, Square Enix incorporated a brand-new element into the reboot - The Whispers. Basically, The Whispers are entities which intervene in reality when people stray from their destined path. If a character goes against what occurred in the original game, these nebulous creatures will reset it. Because Sephiroth was defeated in the climax in the original continuity, he must destroy The Whispers to emerge victorious.

Many players love this concept since it's a clever twist and avoids this remake being a copy-and-paste job.

But a lot of gamers LOATHE this addition, saying Square Enix should've left the story alone, and not force in a meta-narrative. Even though the reception of The Whispers has been mostly positive, some fans believe it's the dumbest idea in the whole franchise.


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