11 Times Video Game DLC Lost Its Mind

You can download WHAT now!?

The Sims 4

With the modern age of gaming and glorious invention of the internet, developers now have the opportunity to expand on their beloved titles.

It gives teams the chance to think outside the box with their properties and come up with some truly wondrous creations. Or it can completely balls everything up and turn into a catastrophic creation of epic proportions.

Over the last few years we’ve seen expansions that rival the main experience, micro-transactions that border on insanity, and questionable attire for the main characters to wear.

Whether or not these extra bits of content are for the better is entirely up to you, but there's no denying the sheer craziness that some developers pour into their creations.

So from additional characters, to expansive downloadable content that turns the main game on its head, here are ten entries of when DLC made us think: “what the hell!?”

11. Far Cry: Primal - Legend Of The Mammoth

The Sims 4

Does anyone remember the absurdly strange game, A Dog’s Life? A game in which you played as a canine, sniffing up smells and scaring away cats? Well, Far Cry: Primal decided to use that concept, only with a mammoth.

Originally a pre-order bonus, upon release you were able to buy this short and weird experience. After drinking a strange concoction from a shark, you’re put into the (tusks?) of a mammoth, and are tasked with romping and frolicking around like you have no cares in the world.

Your objectives consist of killing rhinos, killing humans and killing yourself as you proceed through an awful mammoth escort mission.

The DLC is bizarre, ludicrous and downright terrible. But it’s hard not to admire the creativity and think to yourself: “what were the team drinking when they crafted this!?”


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